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TTB 010: Max Wilderness | Wildlife Photography & Paragliding

Show Notes

On this episode we talk to Max Seigal, a National Geographic Photographer, an entrepreneur, and an environmental activist. Max discusses his path to photography and paragliding, while sharing some pretty fascinating wild animal encounters.


Instagram: @maxwilderness

Facebook: MaxSiegal Photography Aerial Photography -

Nature Photography -

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Show Notes

On this episode we talk to Steve Hackett who just got back from an incredible trip in Thailand where he not only attended, but participated in a Thai wedding between two of his close friends. He brings us through his experience on the long haul from the eastern coast of the US to Thailand and his time chaotically navigating the Bangkok airport, traffic, and city life. Then Steve breaks down some of the highlights between a culturally fascinating wedding between a Sikh groom and Hindi bride, where Steve was one of 700 guests.

On today’s episode we discuss: 

  • Steve’s experience shopping through some of the beautiful commercial districts of Thailand; 
  • We contemplate as to why there are so many 7/11 convenience stores in Thailand; 
  • We discuss some of the preventative shots you should get prior to your departure to southeastern Asia; 
  • Steve brings us back to some of the temples he visited and talks about his boat tour;  
  • Steve shares his preferences on touring Thailand with some friends rather than coordinating a group tour; 
  • We talk about the exciting nightlife industry on Khaosan Road and the bug-eating scene;
  • We talk about the currency exchange rate and discuss some of the luxuries that come to western tourists as a result; 
  • Steve discusses his time as a participant in his friends wedding in Thailand and his adjustment to the attire, food, and ceremony; 
  • We learn that not only was Steve a guest to this wedding, but he was also an active participant who had to perform a choreographed dance for the bride and groom!

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Show Notes

 Get ready to re-evaluate every flight you’ve ever booked and every travel cost you’ve ever incurred. Today we talk with Ian Agrimis, who has become an expert in accruing airline miles and credit card points (or credit cards) to help fund his adventures to far flung places. Ian introduced us into the mile-accruing culture and gives us some great tips on how to save on airfare purchases. Ian has turned his passion for adventure film-making into a career and has since created his own media company, Capture Unlimited. He’s an all around inspiring guy and we really enjoyed this conversation. 

Inside The Episode:

  • How Ian transformed his interest in travel and video capture into an admirable career;
  • When you should seek a new credit card in order to gain credit card miles and the spending you’ll need to do in order to receive those miles; 
  • The process of getting approved for multiple credit cards and the impact it has on your credit score;
  • How to get the largest benefit from using your miles and some things you should avoid when spending them;
  • We brush up some of the different rewards you get with varying airlines and which credit cards are best to using when booking airfare with these companies; 
  • Ian gives us various tips and tricks on credit card spending to maximize your mile accruement;
  • Ian blew us away with some examples on some of the ways he's used his miles and the luxurious travel experiences he's had as a result; 
  • We are informed that you don’t need to necessarily increase your spending to increase your miles bank, but rather learn to maximize the dollars you are already spending on a daily basis. 

Contact Info & References

 Ian’s Company Capture Unlimited:

Ian’s IG @AgrimisAdventures

Ian’s Youtube

Find your Credit Card On NerdWallet

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TTB 007: Bob and Elliot's Top 10 Countries to Visit

Show Notes

On this episode we break down our Top 10 list of favorite countries that we each would like to visit in the (very near) future. We provide insight on some of the major attractions for each of the destinations discussed, and the reasons behind our piqued interest. 

  • How many have you been to?
  • Is there a country that should’ve made this list but didn’t? 
  • Let us know! 

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TTB 006: The Benefits of Group Travel Packages

Show Notes

On this episode we talk to Leah Habib about her particular experiences traveling to five continents in just a few short years. She provides incredible insight on her time studying abroad in Spain and England and contributes some great advice on why someone would prefer to travel in packaged groups rather than solo.  

Inside the Episode:

  • Leah’s experience studying abroad in Leeds, England and Barcelona, Spain - including food, life experiences, and academic comparisons; 
  • We discuss some of the countries Leah had experienced and what kicked off her interest in traveling the world; 
  • We get some great insight on why you shouldn't always trust ticket sellers in New York City;
  • TimTams!
  • Team Geno's Steaks vs. Team Pats King of Steaks - Who you got?
  • The benefits of traveling with a tour group, including the ease of meeting new friends, the added safety, and the incredible peace of mind when your trips are all planned for you;
  • The value you get with having a personal tour guide fluent in the language and knowledgeable about the history of your destination; 
  • The costs difference of  traveling with a tour group vs. solo travel; 
  • We brush up on travel experiences in Australia and New Zealand and get some local insight on why we may have to book our tickets in the near future; 
  • Does Australia have the most deadly wildlife in the world? We talk about some of the biggest “Nope” spiders Australians have to deal with;
  • We touch up on Leah’s experiences in Morocco, specifically the “Blue City” of Chefchaouen; 
  • And of course, we make just one more travel pact with Leah to meet up in Australia and New Zealand….you can NEVER have enough travel pacts!

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TTB 005: The Nature Fix

Show Notes

On this episode we talk to Florence Williams, the author of The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Healthier, Happier, and More Creative

Inside the Episode:

  • How human health relates to being around nature and the scientific evidence Florence sought to support her book; 
  • Florence describes her travel throughout the world and US while conducting research and her utilization of the Mappiness application;
  • Florence discusses the example South Korea is setting by creating higher quality, more accessible natural spaces for its growing population through Healing Forests; 
  • We touch on the impacts of “nature sounds” vs. noise pollution on the human psyche and the optimism in recent automotive technology and its impact on future urban landscapes; 
  • We contemplate the future of our awareness as a civilization of the impacts nature has on us, and ponder if we are moving towards a resolution;
  • We talk about several individual studies conducted throughout the world and the supporting evidence on how a better natural environment supports a happier, healthier, and less crime ridden society;
  • We hear some of Florence’s optimism on the initiative several cities are taking to improve their green spaces; 
  • Florence discusses her time camping and rafting with veterans and the transformation she witnessed as they battled with PTSD;
  • We get into some of the positive feedback an increased amount of time outside can have on symptoms of ADHD in children; 
  • We break down some of the leading cities throughout the world that are improving with green space construction and some of the lingering issues for the same type of development in the US. 
  • Finally, Florence leaves us some final advice on getting out into nature!

Contact Info and References

The Nature Fix: Why Nature Makes us Healthier, Happier, and More Creative

(Available on Amazon)

Mappiness - Check it out and learn how your environment impacts your happiness! 

The Three Day Effect - Use this link to get a free book and 30-day Audible Trial!

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TTB 004: Magi Goes to Cuba

Show Notes


There are a lot of misconceptions about traveling to Cuba. In this episode we break down traveling to the mysterious country with Magi Kernan, where she discusses her recent trip to the country and opens our eyes to the ins and outs of visiting this beautiful country. If you’re thinking about going to Cuba in the near future, you won’t want to miss this conversation!

**Side Note: We realize there are several moments in this podcast where the audio was less than perfect. We are working towards resolving this issue with the audio in the future. Thanks for understanding**

Inside the Episode:

  • The rules and regulations for traveling to Cuba; 
  • We learn about the currency exchange rates and a tip on how not to lose money in the process; 
  • We discuss some of the necessities you should pack for Cuba, specifically items that may be limited upon your arrival; 
  • We discuss the ease of navigating through the City of Havana and a few interesting locations;
  • We discuss the friendliness of the Cuban people and the exceptional food options;
  • We also briefly discuss some of Magi’s other travel experiences, including some of the difficulties of traveling to Equatorial Guinea; 
  • We also compare the good and bad of detailed itinerary planning vs. on-the-fly travel; 

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TTB 003: Two Years in Paraguay with the Peace Corps

Show Notes

Mel Witman discusses her experiences as a volunteer with the Peace Corps and her time living in Paraguay. Mel spent two years living alone in a third world country and the hardships she faced; including how she dealt with contaminated drinking water and limited access to electricity.

**Side Note: We realize there are several moments in this podcast where the audio was less than perfect. We are working towards resolving this issue with the audio in the future. Thanks for understanding**

Inside the Episode:

  • How to sign up for the Peace Corp and what to expect after you’re in;
  • The purpose of Peace Corp’s presence in Paraguay and Mel’s assignment; 
  • The political climate in Paraguay;
  • Dealing with feminine hygiene in a third world country where products are limited; 
  • Tips on connecting with locals abroad;
  • How to deal with a contaminated drinking supply; 
  • The lack of culinary option in Paraguay and adjusting as a vegetarian; 
  • The difference between languages in Paraguay -  guarani vs. spanish; and
  • Traveling to the San Blas Islands.

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TTB 002: Teaching English in Spain

Show Notes

On this episode we talk to Maura Solometo where we discuss her experiences living and teaching English in Spain for six months, including her preparation for her trip and how she adjusted to life abroad.  

Inside the Episode:

  • How to apply for the opportunity to teach English in Spain;
  • Ways you can assimilate into a foreign country as an American;
  • How to pick up a foreign language on the fly;
  • Why you should keep a travel journal; 
  • Packing for the big move to a foreign country; and
  • Why your experience will be enhanced if you learn the native language.

Contact Info and References

 The North American Language and Cultural Assistance Program in Spain


Ryan Air

Euro Wings (German blind booking website Elliot mentioned)

Google Translate

Chefchaouen, Morocco (the blue city)

Contact Information

IG: maura_s29 

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TTB 001: Biking 900 Miles Alone in Chile

Show Notes

Lina Montopoli divulges her decision to bike 900 miles alone along the Pan American Highway. Her journey through the Patagonian countryside is incredibly inspiring and when you find out she really didn't plan any of this trip in advanced you’ll be even more impressed!

**Side Note: We realize there are several moments in this podcast where the audio was less than perfect. We are working towards resolving this issue with the audio in the future. Thanks for understanding** 

Inside the Episode:

  • How to prepare for a long distance bike ride;
  • Navigating the Pan American Highway by bike and the difficulty of finding places to rest;
  • Packing light (very light) for a trip abroad;
  • How and why you should have peace of mind on a spontaneous trip;
  • What it’s like to meet people abroad and spend a night in their home, especially as a solo woman traveler; 
  • When a travel book may be useful during your trip;
  • Discussing the benefits of using Couchsurfing; 
  • The safety and certainty provided by using ride sharing services; 
  • Adapting and overcoming hardships on the road; and
  • We make a pact to go on a bike tour of our own one day!