Master Itinerary Created by The Travelers Blueprint

I am an efficient and detail-oriented writer with an unquenchable passion for travel and sharing my experiences with the world. Using my specific skill set, I can provide a down-to-the-hour travel itinerary or travel blog post that will provide the user with a thorough and authentic travel experience.

My itineraries and/or travel blogs are planned with scrutiny, and will provide a written guide for the user. I strongly focus on navigating cities as an inhabitant (finding authentic restaurants, historic landmarks, and hidden gems), exploring national parks (finding hiking trails for all experience levels, and "must see" locations), and from one city to another (even across borders). My itineraries/travel blogs are developed based on my first hand experiences. I have honed my skills to make travel a stress-free situation, and an enjoyable voyage specific to your requests. Additional details included in my itineraries are:

  • Public transportation schedules;

  • Operating hours of restaurants and reservation needs;

  • Border crossing;

  • Local laws;

  • Maps with identified destinations;

  • Currency exchange rates;

  • Climate information;

  • Details on medical facilities and emergency phone numbers; and more!

Scheduling will be coordinated directly with Bob DiMenna through

* Must Order Service At Least 2 Months Prior to Departure


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Price will be calculated as 20% of Savings You will be provided a down-to-the-hour travel itinerary or travel blog post that will give the use...